Why Stitch Fix Made me Cry

Why Stitch Fix Made me Cry

Once upon a time there was girl who was lured in by the idea of someone else shopping for her.  She merely had to sign up, put her clothing preferences in, and voila! A box would magically appear at her doorstep in a matter of days.  Sadly, this girl opened up her gorgeously arranged box and to her chagrin was disappointed with the contents.   In fact, she returned all but one item.  This very same girl decided to write an article about this ever-so-disappointing service…

That girl is me!

Yep, I signed up, I was giddy, and as soon as I pulled out the items I was absolutely crushed.  I wanted Stitch Fix to work.  I mean it.  I had waited awhile to try out their service and was awaiting my own box with bated breath.   Unfortunately, all  I received was a sweater that looked as if it had adorned a mule in its past life, a dress that was not at all flattering, a shirt that looked as if it belonged on a mommy of about 50, and a pair of skinny’s that were well, let’s just say too skinny.  Let’s not mention the hideous green color of those skinny’s too.  Blegh.

I did receive a cute gold necklace that I kept because after all, you get a $20 credit and I wasn’t going to let that go to waste.  I wasn’t even that enthralled with the necklace either!  What a disappointment.

I loathe Stitch Fix.  The concept is cute enough, but man, they got my hopes up only to dash them the moment I open the box.  Shame on them!  I know it has worked for other people in the past, but I am not one of them.  I would rather go try on my clothes and be assured that I love them at the store.

Here are the items I was sent and I promptly returned:


See!  Doesn’t it make you want to automatically love everything in the box even before seeing the contents?  Yes, it did me.  So sad that everything in the box was a complete fashion nightmare.

IMG_4099The hideous dress and skinny jeans.  No thank you.  First off, the dress was so clingy it was like saran wrap and keep in mind that I’m a pretty small person, mind you.  And secondly, the skinny’s were disgusting.  Who wants to look as if they are wearing poop day in and day out?  Plus, as I mentioned before, they were so tight!

IMG_4097Ugh.  Not that there is ANYTHING at all wrong with mommy status—I want to be a mommy soon– but seriously?!  That shirt could look good on no one.  It’s boxy, it’s busy, and it could make a twig look fat.  The sweater, well, it would be best fitted on an alpaca.

IMG_4095Finally, we come to the item I can abide.  I did keep this necklace, but it wasn’t like “oh-my-gosh I have died and gone to Heaven”!  It’s a plain gold necklace.  Woohoo.   But here it is nonetheless and I still wear it.  So, I guess there is a positive in this whole fashion disaster.

To sum it up, don’t waste your time or money on Stitch Fix.  Go out with some girlfriends get some Starbucks, shop, try things on, and return if need be!  I will never employ this service ever again.  I have more style than their stylists and I don’t get paid.  Hmm…maybe I should?

So, there was my review.  Take it or leave it.  I was so sad it didn’t work out.  I completely thought it would, but alas, I was mistaken.  And I didn’t REALLY cry….;)  Just had to add some embellishment to this article; especially since the clothing leaves much to be desired.

Have a fabulous day and go to Nordstrom’s and buy yourself something cute because we both know Stitch Fix ain’t goinna cut it!






Picture By: Amanky

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  1. I was disappointed with my first fix too! Although I decided to give it a second try and ended up sending only one thing back! After saying what you didn’t like and why they learned that much more about me. Every box has been better than the last! I would say give it ONE more chance after rating all your prior things.

    • I’m glad it has worked for you! That’s great. I just don’t think their fashion taste matches with mine. I love shopping at places where I can touch, try on and return that day if need be. Thanks for the comment, girl!

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