Top 10 Valentine’s Day Ideas on a Budget

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Ideas on a Budget

Are you stumped about what to do this holiday for your spouse?  Perhaps you guys are on a budget, like we are, and you want some ideas that won’t break the bank!   Well, I have the perfect list for you.  Simply modify to fit your preferences and any of these ideas will be a sure-fire hit!

1.  Make a Candy Card for your beloved spouse!  I did for mine last year.  It was so much fun I replaced key words for candy bars and pasted them on a huge piece of white poster paper.  He especially loved eating the candy after reading my card. 


3.  Find a Groupon for local deals in your area and sign up for some dance lessons!  Jon and I tried this once and we loved it.  We never went back due to scheduling, but salsa is definitely fun!  It is something outside both of our comfort zones and it got us laughing. 

2.  Make a home cooked dinner and run a hot bath for when your tired spouse comes home from a long day at the office.    Have the lights dimly lit, candles surrounding the tub, and if you’re really adventures throw some real rose petals in the tub for an added touch.  Your hubby or wifey will feel extra special!


5.  Get the book “101 Nights of Great Sex” and pick a night.  It is sure to be exciting and definitely something new.  Set your bedroom up, play some music and get ready to step into the unkown.  Make sure you plan ahead though…some nights have required accessories you have to buy! 

4.  Write love notes to your spouse and insert them into balloons, blow them up and have him or her pop each one to receive a sweet sensual message!    


7.  Make a calendar or a photobook for your beloved.  I make a calendar each Christmas for my honey to chronicle all the fun memories we had that year.  Photobooks are also timeless ways to capture the special moments.   I love and they typically have great deals!

6.  Burn a CD that has all the songs on it that mean a lot to both of you as a couple.  If you are planning to make him dinner and/or run him/her bath play it in the background!


8.  Plan a couple’s massage in your own home!  Set up massage oils, towels and music.  You can either make this your special gift or switch off.  It is up to you!  After the massage see where the mood leads you…

10.  Make your own card!  It doesn’t have to be fancy or ornate, but it does have to be from your heart!  You can go to Michael’s and find all the supplies you need there.  Hide it where your spouse will find it or take it with you on a special date.


9.  Make a personalized gift basket just for them!  Go to the dollar store or pull a basket out of your storage and fill it with all of his or her favorite treats.  Try candy, movies, sports equipment, tech gear, a tie, beauty supplies, specialty foods, wine, beer….be creative!  And make sure it pertains to his or her tastes!

This year my hubby and I will be doing something special.  We are going to a comedy show and out to dinner.  I have never seen Brian Regan so I’m pretty excited!  He’s supposed to be hilarious and clean.  Plus, we are also going to JW Marriott in Palm Desert because we have free points to use.  I can’t wait to throw on a bikini and pretend it’s summer! 

Do you have any special tips for Valentine’s Day you’d like to share?  What are you doing for V-day?





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