Prep Work for GAPS 30-Day Intro

Prep Work for GAPS 30-Day Intro

As I promised I am posting about my week one of GAPS! Unfortunately, we have yet to start (hehe)….sooo…I can’t give you a progress report until next week. BUT! The good news is that we have done all the prep and we did eat a lot of the first week foods that the 30-day intro diet requires!

We decided to wait till next week because there is a marriage conference going on at Big Bear and we got invited to go free of charge. What a blessing, huh?! Some had given a scholarship to the church for the conference and the leaders were led to select us. So, we both concurred that we could not pass up that chance. We both also felt that it was a great time to grow our marriage….and so we decided to hold off on the GAPS till next week.

SO! Here’s the post about what foods we purchased for the first week and the work we put it into it. Next week I’ll write a post about how we’re feeling and how the adjustment is going.

IMG_3514My hubby printed out the entire PDF, hole-punched it for us, and put it in cute binders. He even put the cover of it on the binder! How great is he?! Such a support to me and my endeavors. This is super helpful so I won’t have to get on the computer every time I need to reference the 30-day intro diet. I recommend you do this too, if you are trying to implement this lifestyle change!


Ordered our chicken backs from U.S. Wellness Meats….love it! I ordered these so that I could make an abundance of broth and not have so much meat on hand all at once. They’ll come in handy! What isn’t pictured is the lamb chops and bone marrow from Massa Natural Meats. All of them came in like 3 days and they are antibiotic, hormone and steroid free AND free range.


All of our loot! Yay! We bought our fermented saurkraut and fermented beets. We didn’t really want to make our own saurkraut or kimchi this time around….plus, you have to go through a LONG process of fermentation (a year or more) to really make it true kimchi. So, we decided to buy it from a local farmer’s market. We bought onions, butternut squash, and we did indeed make our own fermented pickles. Dill, mustard seed and organic cucumbers! Yummy!

IMG_3529So, I learned how to cut a butternut squash “properly” during this adventure. My amazing hubster assisted me. He cut the ends off, sliced it in half width-wise, and then he peeled them.


After peeling, he cut it again length-wise. P.S. He should be a hand model. 😉


He scooped out all the seeds and then chopped them in cubes for future pureeing, cooking, and adding to soups.


Onions. I used to hate onions because of the bad breath they give you….but after adding these to our own homemade chicken soup, mmm…I’m singing a different tune!

IMG_3532I didn’t document how to chop the leeks (pictured above on the left). But simply put, all you do is chop each off, rinse it thoroughly (because of the layers) and cut it length wise so the leek does not fall apart. You then turn it a quarter and cut it length wise again. You then can proceeed to chop it all the way down to the root. The white stuff is the best, so don’t throw it away! You can also use the green leaves in stocks to make it more flavorful.

IMG_3559All of our work in the sink…..we peeled and cut up a lot of veggies that night!


I can’t forget to share our amazing probiotic that came in the mail too! Yay! You open these capsules and pour the powder into water and drink it. It’s a fantastic probiotic and the author and creator of GAPS also helped to create this amazing product.

We loved prepping the foods together and it wasn’t as intimidating as I was expecting it to be! We had a lot of fun doing it and it made me realize that it helps to cut down my prep time in the kitchen significantly. I need to do more of this regularly and I won’t be frantic about what to make for dinner!

Because we’re trying to use the butternut squash and other veggies so they don’t go to waste we ended up roasting the squash. YUM!! Oh my goodness, who need fries after roasting these babies?!

IMG_3589Olive oil (or avocado oil), pepper, salt, minced garlic, and 2-3 finely chopped organic rosemary sprigs. My husband loved them and he was begging for seconds!


The smell of rosemary is just divine, wouldn’t you agree?

IMG_3600Then you place it all on a baking sheet and bake for 400°. Here’s the recipe I used. :)

These recipes came just in time for fall! They are perfect to have on these chillier nights and definitely fill your belly with warmth and your taste-buds with ecstasy. :)

What is your favorite recipe to make in the fall?


Verse of the Day:

“He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God; Many will see and fear And will trust in the LORD.”

~Psalm 40:3

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