Not Just Another Love Story

Not Just Another Love Story

I know you’re thinking…”yeah, yeah, yeah.”

But I promise!  Read on and you won’t be disappointed.  I figured my first post should be about how I fell in love (and continue to everyday) with my sweet husband.  He, after all, is the inspiration behind this fun new venture!!

So, shall we begin this fun journey that actually started right here, behind a computer?   Let’s.

It started on one chilly afternoon on my couch holding tissues up to my runny nose.  My hair was disheveled and I had papers surrounding me.  I was trying my best to maintain focus and remain studious but Facebook (FB) was an ever present temptation and so was checking my inbox from a silly Christian dating website.

This dating website wasn’t a necessity.  I could have dated boys from where I am from.  However, they held no appeal.  I also was weary of the failed attempts and the temptation surrounding dating.  I wanted something different….something that would not be so distracting.  I wanted friendship before I gave my heart away.  I wanted to do it wisely this time.

I got many weird requests…one Haitian man sent me a message asking me to be his“Haitain Princess” …. to which I politely said “Thank you, but no.”  Others were creepers and only a few really caught my attention.

Jon messaged me and we spoke on AIM once…but because of his odd picture I quickly cast him in the pool with the “weird guys.”  He had joined this website because of a dare; hence, the odd picture.  I wasn’t attracted and he looked too old.

Well, as I sat on FB this dreary Sunday afternoon sniffling, and resembling Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer (except a lot less cute), my screen begins to flash repeatedly.  Jon was trying to chat with me!  This is the third time…(though he swears it was way more) that he tried to contact me.  I never responded.  This time–out of sheer boredom–I did.  We talked for four hours and surprisingly had everything in common.

He called me an hour or so into our conversation (let me stop and say I was super scared to talk to him VIA the phone….I was praying that his voice wasn’t squeaky or prepubescent sounding) and we hit it off!  I loved his voice and my heart skipped a beat after hearing it for the first time.

The next few weeks we talked for hours each day.  We couldn’t get enough of one another (we still can’t, ahem); becoming best friends instantly.  Jon booked a flight out at the end of the month (yes, that soon!) to my hometown, Memphis.   I know what you are thinking!  BUT,  we had been skyping, so it wasn’t THAT weird, y’all!

I met him all dolled up at the airport….pacing back and forth and nervously wringing my hands.  I saw him from a distance striding confidently up to me.  All I had time to say was “hi.”  For in that moment he dropped his bags grabbed my waist and kissed me.   I was flustered to say the least.  But I was at peace.  This was the man God had brought into my life.   I knew it like I knew the back of my hand.  He was my future husband, Lord willing.

We met my parents at Starbucks – and after a few pleasantries (AKA: kisses) — so that they could interrogate this foreigner.   I leaned over to my mom with giddiness and told her in a not so quiet whisper, “HE’S THE ONE!!”  She smiled.

After 11 months of dating and flying back and forth every other month or so to see one another… of the best days of my life happened.  I was planning on going out with one of my best friends – who also happened to be my maid of honor at my wedding – to show her my wedding dress one weekend. (I know, I know!  I jumped the gun.  But the dress was on sale for $450.  Who can beat that, ladies?!)  So, she arrives at my house and my sweet then boyfriend was unavailable because of work so we had a day to ourselves.  She comes to the side of the house and suddenly after letting her in the doorbell rings.  My dad is hosting a garage sale, so I naturally think nothing of it.  I figured it was a wanderer who was too blind to see the activity right out front.  Ha.  So, I open the door and instead of a lone wanderer…I find a handsome man all decked out in dress pants, dress shirt and dress shoes.  I was in utter shock.  I had a nail file in my hand that I proceeded to drop and I kept backing up as much as our stairs allowed and kept repeating “This isn’t happening…this isn’t happening…”  It was SO TOTALLY happening!  My handsome prince, Mr. Blue Eyes, is what I like to call him, got down on one knee and told me how much he adored me and asked me to be HIS wife.  I gladly said “YES!”

Finally, here we are today; but not without trials and many tears and arguments.  Relationships are hard–extremely worth it, but not without work.  After 1 year and 7 mos we finally tied the knot on May 12 of this year!  THE best day, other than accepting Jesus into my life, finally came to fruition!  God orchestrated it perfectly as He loves to do for all His children.  He is a sweet Father for giving me such a gentle and loving husband.  I don’t deserve him (Jon), but do any of us really deserve any of His gifts?  He sure likes to display His glory through them though!   Our marriage continues to grow in Christ…as long as we keep Him at the center.

Thanks for reading our love story!  Do you have a love story you’d like to share?  Please tell me!!  I’m a hopeless romantic.

In His Grip,


Fun Side note: Mr. Blue Eyes had also just moved from Seattle, WA to San Diego when we first began talking.  This is a neat part of the story, and such a God thing, because one of my best friends lives only an hour away.  I got to visit him while dating, but also do it in a way that did not compromise our integrity and held both of us to a higher standard—God’s standard.  Caprice, my friend, was a great accountability partner….and still is!  I’ve been blessed to have a built-in friendship after leaving everything I know.


Photo By: Lyndsi Metz

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I'm a small-town Southern belle living in the big city of San Diego with my new husband. I have an English degree from Ole Miss and I have passion for writing and singing. I love coffee and Starbucks is my addiction. Oh, and I absolutely love my little Schnauzer, Bella, as she is a huge part of our little family. I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing the articles. If you're ever in our neck of the woods come stop long as you have coffee in hand.....

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  1. Hannah, that’s a great “how we met” story, and you really are a gifted writer – great first post! I know you and Jon must have been meant to be together, it is amazing how God brings us into the lives of the people we need to meet. By the way, do you mind if I call your hubby “Mr. Blue Eyes” from now on in emails? :)

    Your story is similar to my wife and my story. We met on a Christian dating website as well, and it was truly God bringing us together. I had just left a long term relationship months before, and had just gotten to a good place when one night on a whim I went on a Christian chat/dating site. I created a profile, and then proceeded to forget about it. A week or so later my future wife did the same thing, and found my profile. At first I don’t think she was sure of me because the photo I put on there was a bit strange, and my future mother in law actually told me later that I “looked evil” to her in that photo. In the end she contacted me and we started talking on the phone, and via chat. A month or so later we ended up meeting in a big group of friends, and the rest – as they say – is history. We were engaged 6 months later at a Christian retreat my family attends, down by the water next to a beautiful old chapel. She said yes, and we married the following year. This past June was our 10th anniversary!

  2. Peter! Thank you. Writing is a passion and encouragement really helps to motivate my writing. Knowing people are there reading inspires me to continue.

    How sweet–about you and your wifey! So awesome. Isn’t God cool? He can use anything to bring about His will. And CONGRATULATIONS…wow, 10 years! What a milestone. Do you guys have any kids? Thanks again for reading!

    And P.S. — Feel free to call Jon that….just don’t be surprised if he blocks you. Haha :)

    • Thanks, 10 years seems like a long time, but it also feels like it’s flown by! We do have one son, he’s 2 years old now, and a little blessing from God. At one point we thought we might not be able to have kids, and in 2008 Maria almost died from a blood clot – so it’s a blessing she lived through that to give birth to our little guy. He’s a handful, but we love him more each day!

  3. Hi Sister-Friend!

    I can’t tell you how blessed my hubby and I were to be able to witness your love-story first hand! Even though we were friends who met worlds apart, I still got to be a first-hand observer here in California! I just love our God who so intricately weaves the lives of His children together! I’m so blessed by you and so grateful for your friendship!

  4. Grateful for yours as well, love. So glad you live nearby! XOXO :)

  5. Welcome to the world of blogging!

    The fact that my husband and I met at all was truly God’s plan. He’s from Texas, I am from Pennsylvania…and we met in Japan! He was a cryptologist in the navy, and I was studying abroad. We both had strong callings to Japan for many years, so I know it was no coincidence. I spent six weeks in Spain when I was 16 and decided that I needed something much more exotic; from then on out I knew I had to go to Japan and found a college that had a Japanese exchange program. Paul went to college for two years and after 9/11 felt a strong calling to join the Navy. He did, and ended up stationed in Japan. We met through a mutual friend’s birthday party which happened to be held at the house Paul was staying at…and the rest is history. We’ve been married 2.5 years (met in 2003) and are building a beautiful life together.

    Thanks for sharing your story!
    Amanda L Grossman recently posted..Frugal Confessions Friday – Frugal LivingMy Profile

  6. nadya kotik says:

    Hi. I just found your blog. Which website did you meet your husband at? I’m just starting dating and need some good ones or if you know any single guys I’m on Facebook. Thanks!


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  3. […] husband turned out to be an amazing godly man and our love story still leaves my mouth gaping. It was only though God’s providence and His handiwork that we met […]

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