A Luxurious Labor Day

A Luxurious Labor Day

Jon and I decided on a spur of the moment trip to visit some friends in LA over Labor Day weekend.  Unfortunately, we were (and are) on a budget.  We didn’t have a place to stay and we definitely couldn’t afford a hotel in LA–unless we wanted to stay at a bug infested hotel…ew.

No thanks.

SO!  As always, Jon is brilliant and totally savvy, and he realized we could use our points from one of our credit card miles to stay at a fancy shmancy hotel.  The credit card we used is called British Airways Visa.  You get 50,000 points for spending $2,000 within three months.  In CA, that’s pretty easy to do.  We had already scored these points, and thankfully, we were able to book at the Palomar; one out of the two pet friendly hotels on the British Airways program!  We loved it.  They were friendly, loved our little fur-baby, and treated us like royalty.

Ready to see our digs?

palomar4I like to think Bella appreciated this warm welcome.

palomar1Very modern!  The bed was super squishy and we slept like babies.

palomar2Well, what can I say?  It did the job. 😉

palomar3How hot is he?  And how adorable is she?!?!  My two favorite people…er…

 We had a great Labor Day weekend and the hotel was a highlight.  We felt pampered.  The only way we could do this on our budget was through the British Airways Visa.  We love not spending a dime on our flights or hotels.  Seriously, who wouldn’t love it?!

What did YOU do for Labor Day weekend?!  


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